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  • Newly built building with modern rooms and facilities.
  • Within a step away to Borgata Casino.
  • Wireless internet access available.
  • Valet parking.
  • In-house dining available.
  • High-end shops found inside.
  • Shuttle service to nearby beach offered during summer.


  • Crowded pool during summer.
  • Not budget friendly.
  • Daily fee on W-Fi access.
  • Valet parking only with daily fee.
  • Not walking distance to Boardwalk area.

Bottom Line

The Water Club at Borgata defines luxury at its perfection. It stands up to 43 stories making it a soar above the Atlantic City. Housing a total of 800 modern accommodations, the Water Club at Borgata has everything that you need for an excellent stay where comfort, relaxation, enjoyment, and recreation are served. Since the hotel is attached to the famous Borgata, guests can simply access Borgata’s prides such as its casino, restaurants, bars, and other amenities that you would definitely like to experience. Basically, the Water Club at Borgata is an Atlantic hotel with the highest standards of luxury and elegance as reflected in its infinity pool and immersion spa. If you’re seeking for a stay in Atlantic City that is at par with New York’s and Los Angeles’ best accommodations, then the Water Club at Borgata is just a perfect place for you to go.

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Hotel Information

  • Scene

    Luxury in an ultramodern atmosphere

    Combined with the beautiful elements of Borgata, the Water Club is a high-rising hotel that delivers luxurious services unique of what Borgata is offering. With a total of 800 elegant suites within its 43-story property, the hotel embodies luxury exuded in its ultramodern atmosphere that will surely fit in to your cosmopolitan lifestyle. Aside from its wide and elegant rooms, the hotel also features a spacious meeting room that covers an area of around 18,000 square feet. If you want to immerse yourself in a world of relaxation, you can just access its 32nd and 33rd floors where a spa is found. It has also several five pools both indoors and outdoors where you can enjoy a perfect swimming escapade at the most comfortable setting. If you’re into casino gaming, Borgata casino is just within a step from the Water Club. So true to say, whether you are a leisure traveler, a business executive, or a casino patron, there’s always a room for you at the Water Club at Borgata.

  • Features

    Comfort and luxury redefined.

    The Water Club at Borgata is definitely one of the city’s top serving hotels in terms of accommodation, and scope of service. Being a 5 –star hotel, the Water Club features premium services that surely redefine comfort and luxury. Its rooms are fabulously wide and contain elegant furnishings and modern facilities. Basically, the hotel has everything that a guest would want or need. Comfortable accommodations, perfect relaxation space, great dining and recreation opportunity, onsite shopping, and excellent casino gaming option—all these are provided by the hotel. And if you prefer beach fun and ocean adventures, well, worry not because the Water Club offers shuttle services to the beaches nearby during summer.

    • 800 excellently luxurious rooms.
    • Air-conditioned public areas.
    • Elevator/Lift available.
    • Two-floor spa.
    • Five pools.
    • Modern fitness center with fantastic ocean view.
    • Fabulous shops such as Just Cavalli and Vintage, Hugo.
    • Wide-spaced business center.
    • Large casino with lots of games available.
    • Wi-Fi available with daily fee.
    • Valet parking with daily surcharge.
    • 2,400-seat Event Center.
    • Music Box with 1,000 seat.

  • Location

    Within a step away from Borgata casino—a place of more fun and action.

    The Water Club at Borgata is located about 2 miles from the famous Boardwalk where plenty of attractions are found. It is basically attached to the first established Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa which makes them treated by guests as a one destination. Since it’s not quite near to the touristic Boardwalk area, its atmosphere is a lot more serene and more peaceful compared to the busy and crowded setting of Boardwalk. If you enjoy swimming on the beach, you don’t have to be sad that this hotel is a few mile away from the city’s prime beaches, because the Water Club features a shuttle service to the beaches nearby during summer.

    • 2-minute walk to the Borgata Hotel, Casino, and Spa.
    • 5-minute drive to Farley State Marina.
    • 7-minute drive to the New Jersey Transit train station.
    • 7-minute drive to the Atlantic City Convention Center.
    • 8-minute drive to the boardwalk and beach.
    • 10-minute drive to Absecon Lighthouse.
    • 10-minute drive to Brigantine Golf Links.
    • 10-minute drive to Lucy the Elephant.
    • 10-minute drive to Tropicana.
    • 10-minute drive to The Revel.

  • Rooms

    Ultramodern rooms with plenty of amenities inside.

    The Water Club at Borgata is featuring 800 super luxurious rooms which are widely spread in its 43-story property. The rooms are furnished with neutral colors so not to overwhelm the guests. Its modern furnishings are far more enviable compared to those of Borgata itself. Some of the amenities that you’ll find great in every Water Club accommodation include an iPod dock, exquisite bathrobes, widescreen television, wet bars, and customized Sealy mattresses that add to the room’s luxurious ambiance.

    • Wireless internet access.
    • Floor-to-ceiling windows.
    • 40” Sony HD television.
    • Granite counter-topped bathrooms.
    • Wet bars.
    • In-room movies and videogame console.
    • 400-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.
    • Mini-fridge can be requested.

  • Food

    Served by Sunroom Lounge—a great in-house dining option.

    Great news to every guest in the hotel, the Water Club at Borgata houses a great dining place which is the Sunroom Lounge which showcases delectable American delights. This dining hub is glass-walled which allows sun rays to pass through, and adorned with lush ornamental plants making it appear like it’s an outdoor setting. For a more convenient option, you can also avail of the in-room dining service with menu prepared by the famous chef Geoffrey Zakarian. Moving on, more dining options can be found inside Borgata giving you several choices to take.

  • Casino

    Right next door is the dynamic Borgata Casino.

    As mentioned earlier, the Water Club is basically attached with Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa whose name is also famous in terms of hotel accommodation and casino gaming. With this, Water Club guests can simply access the insides of Borgata and enjoy plenty of games showcased in the spacious and fun-filled Borgata Casino. Or, if you prefer casinos at Boardwalk, then you simply have to take a ride and about ten minutes you can already get into the city’s most visited casinos where lots of events are hosted.

  • Family

    Perfect hotel choice for families on leisure vacation.

    The Water Club at Borgata offers one of the widest arrays of services which families can definitely enjoy. Hotel rooms are designed to be spacious so to house a number of guests per accommodation. However, the rates in the hotel are a bit higher compared to other city hotels because the standards of services offered at Water Club are also of excellent grade. That is why; this hotel is perfectly great for families who have the right budget for a super luxurious stay.

  • Cleanliness

    Elegance, comfort, and luxury as its clean environment radiates.

    No matter how elegant and modern a hotel is, if its environment is dirty and not well-maintained, its luxury basically will not radiate. As with the case of Water Club, its elegance, comfortable atmosphere, and luxury are very much visible because of its clean and refreshing environment. Well, with the price you are to pay per stay in the hotel, you surely deserve nothing but the best service Water Club can afford.

  • Service

    Excellent service completes your stay.

    The Water Club at Borgata is on top the list when excellent service is concerned. Though it may not be offering so many complimentary services just like other hotels do, the standard of service being offered to you by the hotel is ten-times fold the level of standard you can get from other hotels in Atlantic City. With a 24-hour front desk, and maximum security features, you are surely in good hands with the Water Club.

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