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Review Summary

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  • Fantastic view of Atlantic Ocean horizon.
  • Plenty of rooms to choose from.
  • Wireless internet access available.
  • Public areas are fully air-conditioned for maximum comfort.
  • No gambling hubs within the hotel making its atmosphere quiet and relaxing.
  • Provides greater access to great city locations.
  • Free Parking.


  • Rooms are quite aged.
  • No restaurant within the hotel.
  • Long wait for elevators.
  • Parking has fees.
  • Additional charges for wireless internet offering.

Bottom Line

Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace serves not just real comfort to its patrons. As it is situated adjacent to the beautiful Atlantic coast, the hotel opens more options for its hotel users to maximize their stay through swimming on the beach—a perfect choice especially during summer. Not only that; Bluegreen’s proximity to most of the city’s pride such as the great Boardwalk, Steel Pier, Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Odditorium, Monopoly Monument, City Center, City Public Library, and many others offers a wider opportunity for guests to maximize their enjoyment and adventures while staying in the hotel. Not to confuse the readers, it’s not only the location that is great about Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace. The hotel itself is a living testament of what comfort of life means. It features fully air-conditioned rooms with simple decors so as not to overwhelm those who stay. However, each room is packed with pampering amenities such as large size beds, private bathrooms, kitchen equipment, hair dryer, iron and ironing board, wireless internet connection, and many more. Lastly, what’s great about Bluegreen is that it offers absolutely free parking option unlike other hotels which charge guests for additional parking fees.

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Hotel Information

  • Scene

    Setting is its crowning glory…

    Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace stands with pride facing the lovely blue horizon of the Atlantic Ocean. It may not be the most luxurious hotel in the city but with its perfect seaside location, your every stay in the hotel will always be memorable and great. Aside from the stunning view of the beach, another crowning glory of the hotel is the fact that its setting is crowded with several city landmarks which gives you broader touring opportunities. This 31-story hotel towers over the busy surroundings of Boardwalk and the nearby restaurants, and recreation centers which are truly a feast on the eye.

  • Features

    Wide spacious rooms right in the beachfront—a perfect place to retreat!

    Good thing about the hotel is that it’s actually fully air-conditioned even in the public areas. This means that at the moment you check in, you can already get to taste of the comfort that you need and expected. The entire hotel building is serviced by around three elevators so you need not use the stairs for your total convenience. Each room of the hotel is packed with facilities to make it like your own home. If you’re health conscious, there is also a fitness room where you can stretch your nerves and muscles out. Steam baths and sauna are also available to give your body a soothing treat. For those who travel with their cars, the hotel is offering a free parking so you never have to worry paying extra dime.

    • 291 fully air-conditioned rooms equipped with wireless internet connection.
    • Entire building is fully air-conditioned.
    • Arcade/game room plus vending machines.
    • Billiards/Golf Course.
    • Banking services available.
    • Fully equipped kitchens.
    • Coffee Shop.
    • Beds/cribs for infants.
    • Fitness Room/gym.
    • Sauna/Steam bath.
    • Complimentary Toiletries.
    • Clock Radio.
    • Cable TV and DVD player.
    • Private Bathrooms.
    • Hair Dryer.
    • Laundry Amenities.
    • Regular Housekeeping.
    • Secure Free Parking.
    • Large Swimming Pool.

  • Location

    Set in a grandiose seaside location

    Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace is a gleaming towering hotel, set in a grandiose seaside location amid the city’s most coveted points of interests—Boardwalk, Ripley’s Believe it or Not Odditorium, Steel Pier, and many other fabulous restaurants and recreation centers such as Caesars, Bally’s, and Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza. It’s just few minute-drive from the Atlantic City International Airport making it convenient for guests to easily access the hotel. The strategic location of the hotel enables its users to maximize their experience in Atlantic City with the hotel being so proximate to the beach, city center, and many of the city’s pride.

    • 0-minute walk to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium.
    • 2-minute walk to Central Pier.
    • 3-minute walk to Monopoly Monument.
    • 3 minute walk to the nearby casinos and restaurants.
    • 4-minute walk to Atlantic City Public Library.
    • 6-minute walk to the City Center.
    • 6-minute walk to Steel Pier.

  • Rooms

    A home away from home

    The hotel is proudly housing a total of 291 rooms which are fully furnished with air-condition, and other needed facilities such as a kitchen, bathroom, dining area, ironing equipment, and many more. Basically, each room of Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace is designed to make it appear like a real home for its guests. The rooms are chiefly classified into 4 types of accommodations. They are the following: Studio Deluxe, 2 Bedroom, Studio Standard, and 1 Bedroom.

    • Studio Deluxe has 1 queen-size bed, 1 sofa bed, full bathroom, and kitchen.
    • 2 Bedroom has one queen-size bed, 1 sofa bed, kitchen, and Jacuzzi tub.
    • Studio Standard has one queen-size bed, kitchen.
    • 1 Bedroom has 1 queen-size bed, 1 sofa bed, and a small kitchen.
    • Rooms are served with wireless internet connection with additional fees.
    • Room rate per night ranges from $50.00 to $100.00 depending upon the availability.
    • Rates are subject to rise especially during peak seasons such as summer and weekends.

  • Food

    Restaurants nearby are hotel’s best pals

    One of the not so good comments of the hotel given by its guests is that it doesn’t have any restaurant inside. Hotel users must have to go out the building to find something to appease their hunger. Good thing, lots of dining options are within walking distance from the hotel. Some find the kitchen useful as it helps them save money from eating out. Others on the other hand find it liberating though to be able to have a wide array of food choices by going outside.

  • Casino

    Casino patrons are still welcome…

    If your goal in staying at Atlantic City is to gamble on casinos, then Bluegreen still welcomes you. Though, you have to go outside the building and walk shortly to the nearby casino and other gambling points. This kind of setup can still be at your advantage since it takes away the bore in you while walking through the busy hotel surroundings seeing lots of beautiful things.

  • Family

    Money matter is what families after

    Perhaps it would be safe to say that Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace is one of the hotels that are perfect for family guests and tourists. Aside from its large rooms to accommodate the entire family members, it doesn’t have any casino inside making it great for family relaxation. If your family is on a budget trip, then the hotel would be the most suitable option because rates here are extremely low and affordable.

  • Cleanliness

    Unbeatable cleanliness is what they say

    Besides being known for its very affordable rates, Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace takes pride in its name being one of the cleanest hotels you can find in the city. This is proven by many of its previous guests who attested its unbeatable cleanliness. Starting from the check in counter, down to the hallway, up to the rooms—all the way clean.

  • Service

    Great hotel staff, great service, great stay

    Being true to its name, Bluegreen at Atlantic Palace always put customer satisfaction on top of their priority. Some guests shared their appreciation to the hotel staff who are said to be very customer oriented, friendly, and very knowledgeable about their role. Plus, its maximum security is also commendable.

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