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  • Resort Hotel is a lovely place. Clean and easy to get around.
  • The location is very close to the pier.
  • There is an on site club wherein you get free shows.
  • The hotel is very close to the boardwalk and the southern beach.
  • The staff is helpful and friendly. They assist their guests on almost everything.
  • Some bathrooms are modern and have big spaces.
  • The parking is cheap compared with other casinos/hotels.
  • There are a lot of stores around so shopping is great.
  • The ocean view is spectacular and amusing.
  • There is a nice indoor pool and hot tub.


  • Rooms vary depending on the tower and the designs are outdated.
  • Reports of some casino staff who have horrible attitude towards guests.
  • Internet and free connection is very slow.
  • There are bathrooms which are too small depending on the tower you are staying in.

Bottom Line

The Resorts Atlantic City Casino Hotel is a huge megaresort with several towers. The rooms vary depending on the tower you are staying in, there are rooms which have outdated decors, antique type of walls and some may require fixing. However there are rooms which are too modern which have wide bathroom space. The hotel is inviting given that it has an on site club, the spa is good and food is great almost to everyone who have stayed. The hotel boasts of its nice indoor pool, hot tub and cheap casino parking compared with other hotels. However, be wary of the internet connection because it can be too slow and there are bathrooms with old furnishings.

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Hotel Information

  • Scene

    First ever Casino Hotel of the Atlantic City with wide range of attractions

    The scene at Resorts Atlantic City Casino Hotel is far fetched and incomparable given the magnificent ocean view. Being close to the pier and beach, visitors are sure to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. But at the same time during night time, being a casino hotel, surely guests will experience real parties close to Nevada’s style. There are also nearby bars and lounges in the area where the hotel is, so guests may explore the vicinity.

  • Features

    Good Casino, Relaxing Spa and Breathtaking view

    Resorts Atlantic City Casino Hotel takes pride not only with its cheap casino parking but also its nice space and busy night life. There are free shows which guests may enjoy to watch. Aside from that the spa boasts its quality service but with a cheaper price. The hotel also has a magnificent view of the ocean and is closer to the wide selection of shopping stores.

    • Great access to boardwalk, there are a lot of stores around.
    • Nightlife options include dancing boogie, watching free shows and singing.
    • Helpful concierge: Can upgrade rooms such as a non smoking room with no extra charge.
    • Nice indoor pool and hot tub.
    • Towers Rendezvous and Towers have a good view.

  • Location

    Near Atlantic City’s boardwalk, Steps from the beach and pier

    • 5 minute walk to the beach and boardwalk.
    • 20 minute drive to Steeplechase Pier Heliport
    • 30 minute drive to Steel Pier-Taj Mahal Heliport
    • 50-minute drive to Long Beach Island
    • 52-minute drive to Wildwoods by the Sea
    • 57-minute drive to Cape May
    • 65-minute drive to Philadelphia
    • 130-minute drive to New York City

  • Rooms

    Décor varies between rooms, suites and two towers

    The rooms are classified from mid-range to high end. The Ocean tower contains a club reserved for qualified casino players called "Club 1133", as well a 350-seat theater. The 459-room Rendezvous Tower began construction in 2002 with the demolition of an existing hotel tower on the site. The Rendezvous Tower opened in 2004. The tower contains 357 luxury rooms and 42 suites. The old rooms are mostly located in the Ocean Tower which have bathrooms that need remodeling and refurnishing. Rooms in the Rendezvous Tower are mostly modern and spacious which guests love because they feel they are treated as royalties.

    • Ocean Tower is home to the main casino floor, spa, pool, and the main retail and dining level.
    • The exterior of the Rendezvous tower features an Art Deco design.
    • Rendezvous tower have rooms which are mostly non-smoking.

  • Food

    Wide selection of food, European inspired

    The restaurants were generally good and the food was money’s worth. Though there were some who find the food expensive, but the services were exceptional and that is worth paying for. Some of the nearby restaurants include the Irish Pub, Hardrock Café, Celebrity Deli and you may also get the chance to unwind in a coffee shop like Starbucks.

  • Casino

    First of its kind, first Casino Hotel in Atlantic City

    Being the first legal casino outside Nevada is truly something worth remembering. Resorts Atlantic City Hotel Casino is considered one of the best given the perks you enjoy such as the free casino card and the spacious area. There are a lot of games you can play and it is always busy which makes it a more fun to play with during the night.

  • Family

    Family bonding at its finest

    With the amenities and attractions found in the hotel, members of the family will surely enjoy the stay. There are various places wherein the whole family can dine or visit such as the Art Museum and Center which is just near the hotel. Aside from that the hotel offers various places wherein the family can go into to relax and have fun.

    • Main theater which shows various Broadway acts
    • Relaxing spa and indoor pool
    • Main casino floor
    • Shopping stores
    • Club 1133

  • Cleanliness

    Varying levels of neatness and tidiness depending on the towers

    The cleanliness of the rooms is assured by the hotel management; however there are areas in some parts such as the Ocean Tower due to its antiquity, there are bathrooms which need remodeling and refurnishing. However, most reviews by guests boast about the big spaces of the rooms and bathrooms and the very clean flooring and spectacular ambiance.

  • Service

    Friendly Staff and Quality Assistance

    The front desk staff of Resorts Atlantic City Casino Hotel is very accommodating and friendly; most of the service crew employees are always available to answer questions. They know where everything was, there are also people always ready to welcome guests on every door of the place. Also the bellhop was polite and quick, some of the personnel were also nice in assisting old couples in their stay by fixing the areas wherein they would need to unpack their items.

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