WEIRD NEWS: Tractor-trailer makes wrong turn onto Atlantic City Boardwalk!

A truck driver in Atlantic City took a wrong turn Wednesday and was driving onto Atlantic City Boardwalk.


The driver of the tractor-trailer, described by police as a nearly 80-feet-long 18-wheeler, reportedly said he was following the directions of his GPS device and found himself on the boardwalk, according to NJ Advance Media.

“It is something that I haven’t seen in my 31 years,” Ventnor City Police Chief Doug Biagi told NJ Advance Media. “We have seen vehicles up there. We have seen vehicles crashed up there. I have never seen an 18-wheeler that had to be about 80 feet long.”

“Well seeing that the Atlantic City Boardwalk is alive again, this just adds to the excitement” said David Kaleky CEO of

The Atlantic City Boardwalk. is constructed to hold that much weight and many vehicles are seen there.

For this move from the driver who was not drunk, should get a lifetime pass for his whole family to stay at any atlantic city hotel.

Perhaps this was a PR stunt?  You decide.