Family Fun In Atlantic City

ripleys-believe-it-or-550x198Atlantic City might have the reputation with some as being just a get away destination for grown ups, but that really isn’t the case. Atlantic City has always been a very family friendly vacation spot with plenty of attractions that kids of all ages can enjoy. Many of us remember taking trips and stays to this gorgeous sea side town as kids ourselves and, while the focus these days might be on more grown up entertainments, families are still flocking into town to spend some quality time together.

For all you families out there looking for the perfect getaway this Summer, we think Atlantic City might just fit the bill.

While many people come to town to try and win big in the casinos, Atlantic City has done well to remain extremely accessible to all age groups. There are so many attractions and activities for the whole family to enjoy in town and we’ll run you through our top family friendly picks.

Located right on the historic Boardwalk, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not museum has been a firm family favorite for years. With crazy oddities including the world’s smallest production car to crazy cool artifacts from around the world, Ripley’s will leave you in awe. Ripley’s is also home to the Vault Laser Maze Challenge which allows you to act out your Mission Impossible fantasies, rolling around and jumping the crazy laser setup to get through this tough maze. Admission prices start at $10.99 for kids and $16.99 for adults.

If you feel like a good old fashioned family stroll, hit the world famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. The boardwalk offers lots of shopping and dining facilities for the whole family to enjoy. From traditional sea side and local gift shops to some of the best sea view eateries the whole family will love, the Boardwalk is a must for the entire family.

After a good lunch, you might want to spend a relaxing afternoon with the kids at Atlantic City’s Aquarium. Located right on the Bay, the Aquarium offers some really cool exhibits for the whole family to enjoy. Take some time to pet a friendly tropical shark (we promise they won’t bite!), or admire the amazing color show of the fish in the Live Coral Tank. Whether you want to get up close and personal with the aquatic life, or simply just spend time in a tranquil and relaxed environment, the Aquarium is certainly the place you will want to visit. Admission is $5 for kids and $8 for adults during the 2014 season.

Finally, grab your sand castle bucket and head to the beach. For generations, American kids have spent wonderful Summer days with their folks splashing in the cool Atlantic waters and playing on the sandy beaches. Take time to relax and spend some quality R&R time with the family enjoying the sunshine and fresh ocean breeze.