Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival 2017

Atlantic City Beer Music Fest

Atlantic City…Lots of Beer for You 2017

Atlantic City Beer Fest 2017
Folks, it is here again– Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival! From March 31-April 1: At the Atlantic City Convention Center where beer and music are the theme of 2 fun filled days. Known as the Celebration of the Suds you can experience over 150 breweries from all over the world. This equates to over 900 differ beers to soak down. You are going to find plenty you will love. You will be able to taste new rare beers never tried in public. You can also learn how to do your own home brews, and maybe start your own brewery.

Plenty of Music

There are over 20 acts in 2 days to keep you going.  You can get tickets here.

Flogging Molly on day 1 will feel you with punk rock with Celtic instruments. I am sure they are a happy group despite this image with have of them. Hey guys smile!

Atlantic City beer fest 2017


On day 2 at Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival you will hear Front Bottoms. A  punk band that uses acoustic guitar, indie-rock, Springsteen like keyboard lines. Perfect for Atlantic City. These guys look like they already tasted the beers. They should be prime to go!

Atlantic City Beer Fest 2017

​Plenty to Eat While Drinking Beer in Atlantic City

From oysters from Harry’s, to burgers from Broadway and dairy from Cow and Cheddar you will need to eat a lot.   I am going to repeat this. EAT A LOT. You want to keep that beer in your belly, not on your neighbor!

There is plenty more for you to choose from at the Atlantic City Beer & Music Festival. Literally you can spend a whole day there, and eat and drink and listen to great music.

Can you think of a better way to spend a day. I sure can’t. Get your tickets right now. 

Atlantic City Beer Fest 2017