Where are all the cheap rates for Atlantic City hotels you advertise?

We have all been though it. We see a cheap price for something and it peeks our interest. Whether it is a TV or camera or perfume online and then when you come to buy, it is not there.

I went through that exact experience wanting to buy my wife’s favorite perfume Hermes eau de merveilles. Don’t ask me how to said it or pronounce. All I know is she loves it. So I search and find and buy. Order goes through. Get email it will be shipped. 3 days later they say they are out of it! WT##?? Fine whatever. I get another email from them week later– back in stock! Yay! I buy 2. Price was really good. Get email. Order confirmed, will be shipped shortly. Next day the email comes- they are out of stock. WT##?

So what happens when we advertise a casino like Harrahs for $30? How the heck can that be true anyway? $30 for a casino? Either people will think it is a total lie, or Atlantic City is so dead and Sandy ravaged that we are giving away rooms.

The truth is it is not a lie and Atlantic City is alive and well.

So where are them rates? Where are these Atlantic City hotels with these so called bargains? Why can’t you find them?

First off we preface when we advertise that these rates are not available at all times. So now you say- gotcha! AtlanticCity.com the bull$%$er. AtlanticCity.com the sneaky perfume merchant! First he says has the rooms, and now he says well not all times. At least the times when I want them.

Let me explain. We 100% for sure have these rates. I will  show you a sample receipt  from someone last week.

These cheapo rates however are always weekday rates. Weekend rates always jump. You will also notice that on our site we give the rates for each month, low weekday and weekend and average rates.

I am a consumer like you and firmly believe in fairness to all and great customer service. Let me know how we can help you!