Revel Atlantic City New Name

Revel to Reopen with New Revel


After years of up and downs, false hopes, promises we have gotten word that in 2017 Revel will open.

It is kind of crazy to break this news now, as who cares what will be in 2017? It’s logical don’t you think? Since half of 2016 we were told this, so then what next? Of course it will be 2017.

However, I think the only reason this news broke today is that we are being told the new name. Ten.

Yes that is correct. Revel will be renamed Ten.  Now I am sorry if this doesn’t excite me too much, but anyway what’s in a name? We see that Trump name in AC doesn’t do too much nowadays. Hold on…  Don’t think I am telling you who I am voting for.

However, you will probably figure that out from this fact. Atlantic City has been plagued with a culture of  ineptness. There have been countless scandals, bad leaders, really crappy decisions.

Last 2 for examples. The sale of Showboat to Stockton University. Why and how would a sale go through to screw up the AC boardwalk with a school? Unreal! Finally Showboat was sold to Bart Blatstein and reopened as a hotel.  And this Revel fiasco. What was the holdup to help Glenn Straub get this opened? 2 years?  He is helping Atlantic City. He is bringing business, yet from what you read there was so much red tape.  It is time to clean out the old leadership and bring in people who are action oriented.

So what do you think about this? Let us know.  And the good news here….

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