Get High in Atlantic City

Does Atlantic City Need Legal Pot?

A handful of New Jersey lawmakers and Atlantic City’s mayor are headed to Nevada for a brief “fact-finding” trip next week to learn from another casino-operating state’s experience of launching a marijuana economyseven months ago.

As hopeful entrepreneurs wait for the state Legislature and Gov. Phil Murphy to make good on a promise to legalize cannabis for adults, the New Jersey Cannabis Industry Association and Nevada lawmakers coordinated the 2-1/2-day trip to educate eager and curious government officials and business leaders.


Atlantic City Mayor Frank Gilliam told NJ Advance Media he is paying out of his own pocket for the trip because he believes legal weed could “jump-start” the city’s volatile economy.

All I can say is huh?  Pot will jump start? I think he must be high.

“The key for me is to get more knowledge on how they rolled out the process and understand the pros and cons,” Gilliam said. “They have gaming like we do, so I want to figure out how those things coexist, and figure out to make it work for Atlantic City.”


 In a Jan. 17 letter, Nevada Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford and Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson outlined an itinerary would include a visit to a cannabis production facility, a retail shop, and meetings with state and Las Vegas officials to discuss “developing regulations and a taxation scheme, business investment, licensing, public safety considerations and marijuana-related criminal justice reforms.

New Jersey state Sen. Nicholas Scutari, D-Union, the prime sponsor of the marijuana legalization bill who organized two trips to witness Colorado’s legal program, said he expects to attend the trip. He wishes more of his colleagues were going.

I wonder if they got high on the trip. What do you think?

“It’s a fact-finding mission from my perspective and another opportunity for legislators to learn,” Scutari said.


To learn what? How will selling pot will bring more people to AC? I know they are all high. Make Atlantic City a family place. What does AC have for kids?

A significant number of lawmakers from both parties have expressed discomfort or disapproval for legalizing marijuana.

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