Atlantic City Playground the Real Deal

The Atlantic City Playground experience

atlantic city playground

Atlantic City Playground is the real deal right now because it has got the right blend of everything that make for a swell time and fun filled day. The Atlantic City Playground offers much more value for your money and time spent in the Atlantic City and the playground is the main reason why visitors are trooping into Atlantic City.

Live events 

The visit to the Atlantic City Playground offers much more satisfaction for visitors because of the different attractions you have in Atlantic City Playground such as “The Fashion Show”, Burberry Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, Live music concerts,

Beachside view

The Atlantic City Playground is one of the real reasons why the Atlantic City had reinvented itself, because they can cool down on the beach Playground. Visitors in Atlantic City Playground are more relaxed as they participate; watch different inspiring programs happening on the Atlantic City playground.

“I’m not really a gambler,” said Brandon Ferguson, of Oaklyn, New Jersey. “I don’t like to give my money away; I like it to work for me. I like to chill on the beach, enjoy some good food, and do some sightseeing and people-watching.” So the Atlantic City Playground offers more than just satisfaction, The Atlantic City Playground gives you a reason to relive memories.


The underperforming beachside has been turned into an all-American party palace called The Playground, which will make it “the music capital of the East Coast.

The Atlantic City Playground will accommodate up to 50,000 people at the oceanfront concert space, bowling alley, swimming pool and a sports bar called Varsity Club.

T Street of The Atlantic City Playground is now a centre of main attraction because of the conversion of pier shops complex by Bart Blatstein’s investment of $52 million, into a music-themed entertainment facility a row of music-themed bars and performance venues. Coming soon: a bowling alley and a sports bar designed for fantasy sports aficionados.

 Job opportunity

The Atlantic City Playground is opening up 500 temporary and permanent jobs; preserve the 400 jobs already supported by the current Boardwalk operation; and represents the type of large-scale non-gaming development that Atlantic City is pining for, said Blatstein, who has a home in Margate.

Investor makes more profits on non-gambling attractions

Now so many more investors are now putting their money into The Atlantic City Playground because the profits and revenues generated from the City Playground is enormous, and reason being that all the attractions are found in Atlantic City Playground. Huge chunks of money have already been invested on the T-Street of the Playground and it is paying off because it is the main place to be.

Atlantic City Playground is Atlantic City

The Atlantic City Playground has any and every thing you can wish for that will give true satisfaction. The Atlantic City Playground has the Varsity Club Sport Bar, The Bart Bowl, The Monkey Bar, The 39N Concert Hall, T street music entertainment facility, the playground host Fashion Shows, Concerts of different types, ceremonies of all kinds, etc. See their facebook page for updates.