Amazing Reconstruction Plans for Atlantic City Boardwalk

Amazing Reconstruction Plans
Atlantic City Boardwalk

atlantic city boardwalk

The Atlantic City Boardwalk is United States’ first boardwalk ever. Founded on 26th June 1870, the Atlantic City boardwalk is home to various restaurants, retail stores, hotels, casinos, piers and a plethora of other attractions. Over the years, the Atlantic City Boardwalk has seen many ups and downs. From Hurricane Sandy to threats of bankruptcy, the Atlantic City boardwalk has managed to take control of each situation successfully.

Atlantic City’s current mayor, Don Guardian, addressed the citizens of Atlantic City on 15th January 2015 and acknowledged that many great things are about to happen. It is very obvious that the previous year was not really a happy one for Atlantic City. However, things will be better in 2015. From reopening of hotels and casinos to construction of new attractions, it is nice to see Atlantic City starting afresh in 2015 with a bundle of good news! One such great news is that the Atlantic City Boardwalk will be expanded and reconstructed.

Reconstruction of the Atlantic City Boardwalk from Revel to Gardner’s Basin – the Seawall ProjectAtlantic City  boardwalk  map 2015

The Atlantic City boardwalk is all about sun baked beaches, saltwater taffy shops, luxury stores, waves and ocean breeze. Tourists from all over the world visit the iconic boardwalk to see what the fuss is all about. They are not disappointed.

The Army Corps of Engineers has partnered up with the government agencies of the city for a $50 million seawall project. The agencies that have teamed up are FEMA, NJEDA, NJDEP and NJDCA. The seawall project involves walling up the arm of the sea between Oriental Avenue and Melrose Avenue. The project will also include reconstruction of the Atlantic City Boardwalk. The team hopes to connect the boardwalk from Revel (will it  reopen?) to Gardner’s Basin.

The seawall project will begin in the spring of 2015 and it will involve a construction of 1,340 feet of stone seawall and steel sheet pile wall as well as 350 feet of a timber pile bulkhead and a stone revetment lying opposite to it. The money for the seawall project is being funded federally, however the funds needed for the reconstruction of the Atlantic City boardwalk will be taken care of by the state.

According to the officials, Hurricane Sandy did one good thing. It saved the state from spending additional money on tearing down the Atlantic City boardwalk along the bay. Hurricane Sandy hit in October 2012 and destroyed a large part of the Atlantic City boardwalk (credit martinez). The most important part of the project will be to connect Gardner’s Basin to the Atlantic City boardwalk without any interruption in the path along the beach and casino area.

Atlantic City  NJ  Boardwalk

While many people come to the resort city for gambling and luxurious holiday, vacationers are often transfixed by the charm of Gardner’s Basin. The town used to be the quiet and secluded fishing village which has now turned into a quaint entertainment area. Aquariums, cruises, shopping centers, sporty opportunities and vessel fill the area. In the spring of 2015, Gardner’s Basin will be expanded and developed along with the Atlantic City boardwalk and hopes to entice plenty of more tourists!