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Hi All, We  have searched  around  for you  and   found  some interesting  sites for entertainment. Some  are older  but still  interesting reads.  Let us know  if you think  this  is stuff you want to  read.  If you like we will continue.   Bally’s Atlantic City Shows, Events and Entertainment At Bally’s Atlantic City you […]

Atlantic City Hotels & Casinos Lowest Rates May 2013

 These are the lowest rates for  Atlantic City hotels and  casinos  for May. Not all  days  will have these rates  but they are  for  sure available. We  sampled  other  websites  for their low rates  and  we either  have the  same or better.   For other specials on all  Atlantic City  hotels go  here. You know  we have […]

Welcome to The New Updated

We are excited to welcome you.   A lot of new  things  are here.  Look around and see the  vast improvements. Here  are some of the  new  and  improved items. Easier to use and book show  schedule More Casino Images Better Deals Improved Blog  with More News Complete Business Listing for Atlantic City More  Hotel Deals […]

What Is BlackJack And How To Win At Atlantic City?

Card Domination I – The Ultimate Blackjack Weapon As almost everyone interested in gambling today knows, blackjack is one Atlantic City casino game that can be mathematically beaten. To do so, one must apply some sort of card-counting system which will identify portions of deck that are rich in high cards, producing favorable odds. The […]

How To Do Card Domination To Win At BlackJack?

Card Domination Method: Instead of explaining the method in abstract terms, I believe the ideas can be more easily grasped with the following two examples. Example No. 1: Let’s assume the following: You are playing in a four-deck game, the casino uses a single shuffle (remember the double shuffle is no good), the dealer deals out […]

What Is Card Domination And How To Win At BlackJack?

Card Domination: Now let’s talk about the shuffle itself. Suppose you are playing in a four deck game (five, six or more decks are analogous). When the hand is over, the dealer stacks the discards at the side of the table. Eventually, she will stop dealing and place the undealt portion of the shoe on […]