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Casino Wins Down In January For Atlantic City

Borgata resort picture.

While it might only be the second full month of online gambling in Atlantic City, the physical casinos are already seeing a drop in wins and revenue. However, all is not as bad as it sounds for the eleven remaining

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Atlantic City Entertainment

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What Is BlackJack And How To Win At Atlantic City?

Card Domination I – The Ultimate Blackjack Weapon As almost everyone interested in gambling today knows, blackjack is one Atlantic City casino game that can be mathematically beaten. To do so, one must apply some sort of card-counting system which

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How To Do Card Domination To Win At BlackJack?

Card Domination Method:   Instead of explaining the method in abstract terms, I believe the ideas can be more easily grasped with the following two examples.   Example No. 1:   Let’s assume the following: You are playing in a four-deck

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What Is Card Domination And How To Win At BlackJack?

Card Domination: Now let’s talk about the shuffle itself. Suppose you are playing in a four deck game (five, six or more decks are analogous). When the hand is over, the dealer stacks the discards at the side of the

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