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  • Showboat Atlantic City Casino Hotel outside
  • Showboat Atlantic City Casino Hotel Outside
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Review Summary

Photos and Review by staff


  • The hotel is spacious and very clean.
  • The location of the hotel is near the beach and is away from the crowded area.
  • Employees are professional and friendly to all guests.
  • The hotel is to the boardwalk.
  • View is great because the hotel is near the ocean and Entertainment Pier.
  • Room service is good and the prices of the food are great.
  • Excellent night life options, music filled hotel with entertainment shows.
  • Rooms are big; beds are comfortable and well cleaned.
  • Price is very affordable and the location is spectacular.
  • Showboat Hotel is dog-friendly.


  • Pool is too small.
  • Long lines in check in are common.
  • Fees for wi-fi connection and also the internet connection can be slow.
  • No bar in the pool area on weekdays.

Bottom Line

The Showboat Atlantic City Casino Hotel is a megaresort which is filled with gaming and entertainment. The hotel is very spacious and clean. Aside from that with the launching of its dog friendly casino program, dog lovers will surely enjoy their stay here. With its closeness in the entertainment pier and beach, you’ll surely experience the time of your life. Room service is splendid for almost every visitor who had stayed in the hotel. The price is very affordable and employees are friendly. On top of that you’ll surely enjoy the exquisite and various delicacies served at the French Quarter Buffet.

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Hotel Information

  • Scene

    Spectacular hotel in New Jersey, breathtaking ocean views.

    The scene at Showboat Atlantic City Casino Hotel is far fetched and incomparable given the magnificent ocean view. With just the boardwalk separating the hotel from the beach and entertainment pier, visitors are sure to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. During the night, guests will experience world class entertainment with its Mardi Gras themed Casino and the amazing shows from House of Blues.

  • Features

    Music, fun, entertainment rolled into one hotel.

    Features: Showboat Atlantic City Casino Hotel boasts its dining, shopping and live entertainment in the House of Blues. Being a dog friendly hotel, dog lovers will surely take every offer this hotel gives. With 1300 well cleaned and spacious rooms, Showboat will truly take your breath away. The relaxing ambience and wonderful oceanic view plus its first class fitness amenities will surely attract tourists from all around the globe. On a side, given its Mardi-Gras themed casino who would want to back out from this hotel?

    • Great access to boardwalk, gift shops and various restaurants.
    • Nightlife options include singing, watching shows in the House of Blues and dancing.
    • The hotel and casino staff is very cordial.
    • Easy access to the beach area which is not crowded.
    • Dog-friendly, very affordable costs of stay.

  • Location

    Step away from the beach and pier.

    • 5 minute walk to the beach and boardwalk.
    • 30 minute drive to Atlantic City Airport.
    • 30 minute drive to Brighton Park.
    • 50-minute drive to Long Beach Island.
    • 52-minute drive to Wildwoods by the Sea.
    • 57-minute drive to Cape May.
    • 65-minute drive to Philadelphia.
    • 130-minute drive to New York City.

  • Rooms

    Big hotel with over 1300 rooms to choose from.

    The rooms are classified from mid-range to high end. Rooms are classified as deluxe and premium. If you’re looking for a standard sized room with free seats to make you comfortable then deluxe is right for you. You may also choose if you would want one sized king bed or two queen sized bed. While on the other hand the premium rooms offer Arful New Orleans style and design with two seatings for your guests. Aside from that you have spacious bathrooms with double sinks.

    • Both deluxe and premium rooms have wireless internet but fees apply.
    • 42” flat screen plasma TV is available in premium rooms.
    • There are a lot of non smoking rooms available.
    • Food

      Wide selection of noteworthy food.

      From deli sandwiches to award winning European inspired delicacies to Asian cuisines. Guests will surely have a variety of food selection to choose from in Showboat Hotel. Some of the finest restaurants include Crossroads found in the House of Blues, menu is created by celebrity noted Aaron Sanchez, guests may also enjoy the food in the French Quartet Buffet and the laid back atmosphere and drinks in Windsurf Bar.

    • Casino

      Mardi-Gras themed Casino in the Boardwalk.

      Featuring the latest pooled games and hottest table games in Boardwalk, the Casino in Showboat Hotel offers guests with a wide array of games. Not only that the casino staff is very cordial and dealers are all nice. Top that with newest slot games which everyone can try; this makes people play and stay all through the night.

    • Family

      Family bonding can never be this great.

      With the amenities and attractions found in the hotel, members of the family will surely enjoy the stay. There are different restaurants which family members can choose from, they may try various delicacies and cuisines. At the same time, the roof top pool and first class fitness facilities will help parents and children bond and enjoy their stay more. Before leaving they may also opt to buy gifts for their loved ones in the wide array of gift shops.

    • Fitness facility
    • Relaxing spa and rooftop pool
    • House of Blues
    • Shopping and gift stores
    • Foundation room

  • Cleanliness

    Decent all around and very clean.

    The cleanliness of the rooms is assured by the hotel management; bathrooms are always clean with no hairs on the tub, rooms are also spacious, beds are comfortable and linens were assured to be neat and free from fleas. Most of the amenities functioned perfectly and though there are some problems in some doorknobs, they are quickly fixed by the personnel in charge.

  • Service

    Service at its finest and professional staff.

    Most employees are friendly and professional. Room maids are non intrusive and courteous. Personnel are efficient and reliable. The servers also were great and hospitable. They are also well spoken and approachable even if you are not gold or diamond members