What Will The New Year Bring For Atlantic City

2014 promises to be a big year for Atlantic City. While it was reported earlier this week that the Atlantic Club Casino Hotel is closing it’s doors in two weeks time, leaving only 11 active gaming halls in AC, Governor Christie is already working with new major, Don Guardian, on plans to revive the famous casino district.

Tours based on the hit HBO show, Boardwalk Empire, are set to generate great revenue for Atlantic City this year.

Tours based on the hit HBO show, Boardwalk Empire, are set to generate great revenue for Atlantic City this year.

While the casino district has been flagging over the past few years, due in part to the economic problems which have plagued the country, plans are now in place to help rebuild the area and encourage more visitors to our beloved town. One of the most significant implementations comes with United Airlines now offering direct flights to Atlantic City from some major urban hubs like Houston and Chicago. The hope is that the new flight plans will allow ease of access to Atlantic City to thousands more people each year. This will have a positive impact on the gaming district, hotels and the retail industry. All of which have been suffering over the past few years.

In order to help spark the economy for Atlantic City a little more, many hotels and casino resorts are starting to offer great deals to attract new visitors to the area. Right now, most of the top hotels lining the boardwalk are offering discounted room prices, some starting under $100 per night. The world famous Harrah’s Casino Hotel, well regarded for its 24 hour casino and rooms with spectacular ocean views, is now offering rooms from as low as $85 per night in order to attract visitors to the city.

Another positive for our tourism industry is the success of the HBO show, Boardwalk Empire. Thanks to some local companies, fans of the show can now take guided trolley tours and learn more about life in Atlantic City during the 1920’s. While you might not run into Nucky Thompson, the $15 tours will have you stopping off at four local casinos as well asĀ Gardner’s Basin.

With affordable and easily accessible flights to Atlantic City, along with heavily discounted hotel prices and epic tours of the town, we should see our city really start to boom once again this coming year.


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