Trouble For Borgata and Revel

The Casino floor at Revel.

The Casino floor at Revel.

After a couple of big name competitors have mentioned interest in purchasing the financially troubled Revel, the hotel has found itself in more hot water, and this could have a really negative impact on the future for the location.

It was revealed this week that Revel and Borgata have both been fined a total of $26,500 from local authorities for allowing minors to gamble and drink on their premises.

Revel also faced some more unusual fines, namely not letting the gaming enforcement division know in advance about certain events taking place at the casino hotel. One such incident involved casino staff filming a marriage proposal which took place on the casino floor last year, and broadcasting it over video monitors. In accordance with ruling, casinos must inform the gaming enforcement division at least 5 days in advance of any photography on the casino floor.

In addition to this, Revel was also charged with failing to tell authorities in advance about the taping of a television show, failing to inform the division about a 6 card gaming tournament and not informing the correct bodies that alcohol would be served at their “Taste of Revel” event last year.

Borgata’s charges and fines were connected with their allowing underage gambling and alcohol consumption of their premises.

Neither casino has made an official comment about the fines as yet.

Given the uncertain future of Revel, we are all asking ourselves how this new information will affect the offers from potential new owners.

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