Third Eye Blind – On Tour in Atlantic City

The alternative rock stars of Third Eye Blind are bringing more than a semi-charmed kind of performance to Atlantic City this spring. The California rockers will be at the Caesar’s Hotel and Casino on May 24th for one, spectacular night only!

The music of the 1990’s was about as strange a range as any decade before or since, but along with those songs that were impossible to get out of your head, there were also some real gems of that iconic musical era. Third Eye Blind hit the mainstream in 1997 with their first album, the eponymous classic Third Eye Blind, which has also ended up being their most famous record. Five singles were released from that album, and all of them were regularly humming along in the back of people’s heads for months at a time.

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Since then, Third Eye Blind has pulled back from the public spotlight, releasing a handful of albums, but always maintaining a fervent fan base that still digs that wild ’90’s sound. Some personnel issues with various guitarists over the years has left a bad taste in a few diehard fans’ mouths, but overall, there is still plenty of love for the band out there.

There have been mixed rumors from both the fan base and the band itself about the release of their fifth album. The band released two songs, entitled “Ladies and Gentlemen” and “If There Ever Was a Time” in 2011 in support of a fellow musician’s album and the Occupy Wall Street Movement, respectively. Fans thought these two tracks were the signal for a new album in the recording stages, but they were disappointed.

Lead vocalist Stephan Jenkins has kept the band’s faithful as updated as possible, but this mystery fifth album was supposedly started in 2012, but via his Twitter page, Jenkins just announced that recording would begin in June of this year. Sadly, one thing we do know for sure is that this fifth album, whenever it is eventually released, will be the band’s final record.

Summer Time Sayounara?

Since the band has announced that their next album will be their last, fans are worrying about when and where they will be able to see one of the band’s final shows. While there will most likely be a tour following the release of the fifth album, which is rumored to be called “Ursa Minor”, you can never be certain of the unpredictable hiatuses and headcount upheavals that the band has gone through since its’ inception. If you remember rocking along to “Jumper” for months in the late ’90’s, you might want to grab some tickets for a final show of these alt-rock legends.

This spring and summer, Third Eye Blind is mainly rocking the East Coast, including the show on May 24th at the Caesar’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino, as well as dates in New York, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. For the Atlantic City show, make sure you book your room early because with other great acts in town like Blues Traveler at Harrah’s, you don’t want to end up sleeping on the Boardwalk.

Tickets are on sale now for the 9 P.M. show at the Caesar’s Atlantic City Hotel and Casino!

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