Synthpop Superstars: Passion Pit Rocks Atlantic City!

There is no denying that music is changing. Music festivals are the newest breeding ground for rising stars and grassroots fan bases make or break the new faces of the musical landscape. Passion Pit has soared to international stardom in recent years, and their unique style of psychedelic synthpop is taking the indie rock genre to new heights. Passion Pit is rolling into the House of Blues in Atlantic City on November 1st for an unforgettable show that will rock the boardwalk like never before.

From Berklee to Big Time

Learning how to play guitar to pick up girls in college isn’t exactly a new idea, but when you attend one of the most prestigious music schools in the world, the rules are a bit different. Three of the four members of Passion Pit attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, and the lead singer Michael Angelakos went to nearby Emerson. What started as Angelakos writing songs for his girlfriend grew into friendships with future band mates and the casual musical collaboration that happens so often between artistic people in the collegiate world. Most groups play the local bars and entertain at parties, but the members knew they had something special. Within their first year, they were already named the Top Local Group by the Boston Phoenix and the music video for “Sleepyhead” made the list of Pitchfork’s Top 40 music videos of 2008. Not too bad for a few college musicians messing around with synthesizers…

Passion Pit quickly developed both a mainstream and indie following, which is part of the reason why they represent such a strange new genre of music. Their fans range from teenagers wreathed in glow sticks to 30-somethings who still celebrate their wild side, and their shows can’t be described as anything but reckless, wonderful parties. Their music is a blend of remixed hits and obscure mash-ups, interspersed with their own haunting and heart-pounding originals. Crossing between generations and traditional levels of cultural popularity is something few bands can do, but while the audiences at their shows tell one story, their popularity on television soundtracks, commercials, and reality television shows says something very different. Their genre is impossible to classify, as is their style and intention as artists. One thing is for sure, they know how to get a crowd on their feet, whether it is a remix of Gotye or a mash-up of Snoop Dogg and Katy Perry. They also know how to throw one heck of a party; here is Passion Pit laying out one of their favorite tracks, “Take A Walk”, on Saturday Night Live last year.

Touring can be a stressful and exhausting part of any musical career, and even a three or four month tour can be draining. Passion Pit has developed fans in every corner of America, as well as across the globe, so when they decided to go on tour in July of 2012, they knew that there would be thousands of eager fans to entertain. However, they didn’t know that their album “Gossamer” would become such a massive hit, that their crowds would continue to grow, and that they would be on the road touring for more than 16 months. Their show at the House of Blues in Atlantic City on November 1st is their sixth to last show in one of the most impressive feats of touring endurance that has been seen in a long time.


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Get your tickets now for Passion Pit at the House of Blues, one of the most thrilling live music experiences that you’ve ever seen. While you’re making big plans for a wild weekend, get a room at one of the Atlantic City Hotels, and for the most convenient spot, book a suite at the Showboat Casino, which is where the House of Blues concert venue is located! If you aren’t in the mood for sweaty, ecstatic crowds dancing to heady remixes and psychedelic synthpop, then check out John Fogerty at the Borgata Music Box the very next night!

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