Atlantic City asks for help for Philippines

We  all have  read,  seen  and heard  of the devastation of  the  people living  in the Philippines.   The  Filipinos  now  need  our  help.  I have never been there,  but we know it doesn’t  matter.  We  can  all  feel the tears of pain as we see those   photos and  can barely imagine  what they are […]

Synthpop Superstars: Passion Pit Rocks Atlantic City!

There is no denying that music is changing. Music festivals are the newest breeding ground for rising stars and grassroots fan bases make or break the new faces of the musical landscape. Passion Pit has soared to international stardom in recent years, and their unique style of psychedelic synthpop is taking the indie rock genre […]

Love in the Present: John Legend in Atlantic City!

The meteoric rise of John Legend over the past 15 years is the stuff of musical dreams, but his soul-searching lyrics and unforgettable melodies have made him one of the most popular and profound songwriters of the 21st century. John Legend brings his beautiful music to the stage of Revel Ovation Hall in Atlantic City […]

On A Grinning Streak: Barenaked Ladies in Atlantic City!

They’ve been going strong for nearly 25 years, and although the Barenaked Ladies are older, they still have their silly side. The multi-platinum band is bringing their wild side to the stage at the Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City on October 19th! Keeping It Light Sometimes, it’s difficult to get past all of the complications […]

What’s the Deal With…..Jerry Seinfeld in Atlantic City!

As one of the most successful, respected, and wealthy comedians in history, Jerry Seinfeld could easily rest on his laurels for the rest of his life, but this perennial funnyman can’t stay off the stage for long, not that there’s anything wrong with that…. Jerry Seinfeld is bringing his unparalleled style of stand-up comedy to […]

The D-List in AC: Kathy Griffin Live in Atlantic City!

For someone who so proudly declares that her career belongs on the D-List, Kathy Griffing has amassed an impressive resume and a fierce fan base who can’t get enough of her controversial, fearless, and hilarious style of stand-up comedy. You never know what might come out of her mouth in the next joke, and she […]

Ol’ Blue Eyes Reborn: Frank Sinatra Jr. in Atlantic City!

Living in your father’s shadow is something that many men have to deal with, but for Frank Sinatra Jr., the shadow of his larger than life father was something he not only enjoyed, but also thrived him. A master musician and performer in his own right, Frank Sinatra Jr. will be performing at the Borgata […]

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