Our Special Trip to See Atlantic City Hotels

I  went on a picture taking expedition to update the site with new images.   I have about 100 gb  of photos. All  the  hotels were very courteous in letting us take photos  except one. While I won’t let on  who  they  are,  it will  be obvious that they don’t have updated room  photos on their casino page here.

The reason  I wanted our own photos is because they  are real.  We showed what you will see. Not what they want you to see with their  stock photos.  Unless  they don’t let you take photos. Not  that the stock  photos are bad.   They sure are not.

Here is a beautiful fisheye  of  the Trop Havana.  I hope you  like.




Plenty  more  coming  and some really cool stuff.  Give  me a bit  and I will post on  site.  You will really like it.

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