Ol’ Blue Eyes Reborn: Frank Sinatra Jr. in Atlantic City!

Living in your father’s shadow is something that many men have to deal with, but for Frank Sinatra Jr., the shadow of his larger than life father was something he not only enjoyed, but also thrived him. A master musician and performer in his own right, Frank Sinatra Jr. will be performing at the Borgata Music Box in Atlantic City on October 4th, 5th, and 13th!

Image Courtesy of blogs.palmbeachpost.com

Image Courtesy of blogs.palmbeachpost.com

Stepping Out of the Shadow

Although almost everyone knows his famous father, Frank Sinatra Jr. is one of the most under-appreciated performers in modern history. He has often said that being the son of such an iconic figure meant that he had to work three times harder than some guy off the street, despite the fact that his name did open doors for him at a very young age. Growing up around the Rat Pack, and traveling with them in his teenage years, he struck up connections with venues all over the country, and even trained quite seriously under Duke Ellington, another powerful influence that he developed a close bond with. By the late 1960s, he had already performed in almost every state in the US, and had sung in thirty countries. Granted, many of those were as opening acts for much bigger names, but he was establishing himself as a formidable singer in his own right, and even worked on the Dean Martin Show as a summertime host for a time.

When his father needed a musical director and arranger, he put his own career on hold, and helped his father finish his golden years as a legendary entertainer with proper support and musical direction. Although he only did this for a short time, it somewhat sidetracked the attention of the world away from his own stellar voice and budding career. He is far more than a famous name with a Jr. tagged on, Frank Sinatra Jr. is one of the most comprehensively talented and knowledgeable performers still working today, and his vast experience with talented masters of the craft over the past 5 decades have shaped him into a consummate entertainer. Here is Frank Sinatra Jr. performing one of his fathers most famous songs, “New York, New York”, and we can clearly see that he has filled the shoes of Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Another Opening, Another Show

Although he hasn’t released a new studio album in more than 7 years, the critical acclaim of his tours and the legions of fans of both him and his father continue to draw Frank Sinatra Jr. out on the tour path. He also has made a small mark in television, and has played guest roles on everything from The Sopranos to Family Guy. This latest stint at the Borgata Music Box in Atlantic City is particularly close to his heart, not only because it is so close to New York, but because there is a certain connection between Las Vegas and Atlantic City, and the Golden Age of the Rat Pack still connotes feelings of nostalgia in cities like these. Frank Sinatra Jr. will be performing for three nights at the Borgata Music Box in Atlantic City, on October 4th, 5th, and 13th.

Be sure to get your tickets soon, and also, scope out the premiere Atlantic City Hotels for all your necessary accommodations. One of the most convenient options would be to get a room at the Borgata, so you can dance right from the concert back to your bed after a night of spectacular music. And for those of you who aren’t fans of Ol’ Blue Eyes or his exceptionally talented son, take in one of the other Atlantic City concerts, like Hall and Oates performing at the Borgata Events Center that same night!

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