Motley Crue – On Tour in New Jersey

The notorious heavy metal legend Motley Crue is coming to Atlantic City! On May 25th at 8pm, the veteran LA rockers will play at the Mark G. Etess Arena in the Trump Taj Mahal. The band will play at the Taj Mahal’s contemporary, club-scene inspired venue as part of their 2013 Canadian/US Tour.

Known for their notorious lifestyle and over-the-top personalities, the members of Motley Crue are some of the biggest rock legends of all time.  Formed in Los Angeles during the 1980s, the band’s popularity reached a fever pitch in the late 1980s when they released their album Dr. Feelgood which earned the band two Grammy nominations. Some other famous singles include Girls, Girls, Girls, Live Wire, and Theater of Pain.

Despite being massively successful (the band has sold over 80 millions CDs over the last 30 years), the band is best known for their crazy antics, heavy drug and alcohol use, and glam rock style. Members of the band would play to screaming crowds with 4-inch heels and eyeliner, then record sex tapes with beach babes like Pamela Anderson.

Despite the fact that the band rose to both domestic and international fame, they also experienced serious hardships.  Shortly after the band released their album Decade of Decadence, singer Vince Neil decided to leave the band in 1992. Neil also killed the drummer of Hanoi Rocks as a result of a drunk driving accident.

But in 2004, the original four members got together and started recording again. The compilation album Red, White, Crue was released in 2005, and their ninth recorded album called Saints of Los Angeles was released in June 2008.  Starting in 2009, Motley Crue started “Crue Fest” which included a variety of top bands including Drowning Pool and Godsmack.  Motley Crue also teamed up with Poison in 2011 in order to celebrate their 25th and 30th anniversaries.  And in

In February 2013, the band announced their 2013 Canadian/US Tour. To purchase tickets to their May 25th show at the Taj Mahal, visit: To find a hotel nearby, visit:

Don’t miss this chance to see rock n’ roll royalty—get your tickets today!

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