Love in the Present: John Legend in Atlantic City!

The meteoric rise of John Legend over the past 15 years is the stuff of musical dreams, but his soul-searching lyrics and unforgettable melodies have made him one of the most popular and profound songwriters of the 21st century. John Legend brings his beautiful music to the stage of Revel Ovation Hall in Atlantic City on October 25th!

john legend roots Love in the Present: John Legend in Atlantic City!

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Legend in the Making

Winning a Grammy is something that some musicians spend their entire careers trying to achieve; winning 9 before you turn 40 is simply unheard of. Yet John Legend remains a humble and passionate artist who has only used his international fame to reach new heights of his genre, and explore the depths of R&B and soul. He sings with the maturity of a much older singer, and he often seems like he was torn from the past, like a legend reborn. His sultry sounds are balanced with his up-beat and modern styles, attracting fans from all walks of life and generations. His career took off when he was noticed by some established names in the industry like Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, and Alicia Keys. His skill as a singer was as respected as his gifts as a songwriter, and this versatility made him an immediate asset to the R&B community over which he now reigns.

His activities on the stage are nearly matched by his activities off of it, and his philanthropy has already begun setting new standards for artists and musicians to give back to their community. After Hurricane Katrina, Legend became heavily involved in the campaign to rebuild many of the areas hardest hit during that tragedy. He also participates in Live Earth concerts, sits on the National Board for Teach for America, as well as the Education Equality Project and Stand for Children. He has performed for the troops, and was even appointed to the Forum of Young Global Leaders. He is one of those rare stars who could spend the rest of his career living off royalties and touring sold-out stadiums, but instead he gives back huge amounts of his time, energy, and money to those less fortunate than him. A Legend, indeed. Here is John Legend singing one of his most popular tracks, “Ordinary People” on the David Letterman show earlier this year.

The Future of Love

He is arguably one of the most romantic singer/songwriters on the planet at the moment, and his new album, which dropped on September 3rd, 2013, is a fresh installment of Legend’s unforgettable vocals and haunting lyrics that remind us what love is all about. Following on the heels of that album, John Legend set off on an international tour across the entire US as well as Australia and New Zealand. One thing is clear, love comes in many forms, and John Legend has found a way to make the world remember that.

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Whether you’ve seen John Legend a dozen times or are still waiting to lose your aural virginity at one of his mesmerizing performances, then you don’t want to miss this legend in the making when he brings his tour to Revel Ovation Hall in Atlantic City on October 25th at 9pm. You should also book your room at Revel, or one of the other Atlantic City Hotels while you are busy booking your tickets for John Legend’s show. And if, for some unknown reason, you prefer something a bit different than sultry and silky vocals, check out Gregg Allman at the Trump Taj Mahal the very next night!

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Love in the Present: John Legend in Atlantic City!
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