What’s the Deal With…..Jerry Seinfeld in Atlantic City!

As one of the most successful, respected, and wealthy comedians in history, Jerry Seinfeld could easily rest on his laurels for the rest of his life, but this perennial funnyman can’t stay off the stage for long, not that there’s anything wrong with that…. Jerry Seinfeld is bringing his unparalleled style of stand-up comedy to the Borgata Events Center in Atlantic City on October 19th!

Image Courtesy of Artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com

Image Courtesy of Artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com

Master of His Domain

After starring in and co-creating Seinfeld, the most successful and popular sitcom in American history, its was hard to imagine where Jerry Seinfeld’s career would go next. His long-standing love of the stand-up stage, which was an integral part of the show, was an obvious choice, and he has continued to thrill crowds and has had them laughing in the aisles for the past 15 years. His observational humor has been emulated by comedians throughout the world, and many of his catch phrases and one-liners have become seminal parts of comedic culture. He could have easily continued his career on television or on the silver screen, but he is a comedian at heart. He still continued to make guest appearances on various television shows, but he never pursued a full-time role in any other sitcoms, preferring to “leave on a high note”.

In the past year, Jerry Seinfeld has taken on a new project, simply titled “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. It is a web series, and each episode is approximately 15 minutes. As the title implies, the entire episode consists of Seinfeld and one of his friends, typically a comedian, going out for coffee in a stunning, classic car (Seinfeld is a huge car junkie). They discuss everything from pop culture to the art of being a comedian and these short, entertaining episodes reveal the personalities behind some of the most relevant names in comedy, both past and present. Some of his companions include Chris Rock, Don Rickles, David Letterman, Mel Brooks, Larry David, and many others. The style is similar to Jerry’s stand-up, pure conversation that is packed with witticisms and profound insights about the most seemingly banal aspects of life. Here is one of the episodes, featuring the always entertaining Alec Baldwin.

Still Standing

After more than three decades in the business, Jerry Seinfeld is as funny as ever, and as the world continues to change, one thing never will – his ability to pick apart the hilarious and silly aspects of the human experience. He doesn’t go on “tour”, per se, but he seems to always have another gig lined up, which keeps his millions of devoted followers happy. This fall, Jerry Seinfeld is standing up all across the country, delivering his signature style of comedy to fans both old and new. If you’ve never seen this original king of comedy live, then don’t miss your chance to see him at the Borgata Events Center in Atlantic City on October 19th. It promises to be yet another installment of his unforgettable jibes and elbow-nudging jokes about the state of the world, and our funny little place within it.

Get your tickets now, and while you’re planning your hilarious weekend romp in AC, choose your favorite spot out of the premiere that the city has to offer. Since the show is at the Borgata Events Center, booking a room at the Borgata is the most convenient, but there are plenty of options on the Boardwalk. For those very few people who wouldn’t beg, borrow, or steal for a chance to see Jerry Seinfeld live, Atlantic City has a wealth of other shows that weekend, including the Barenaked Ladies at the Tropicana Casino!

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