Rock and Soul: Hall and Oates in Atlantic City!

When it comes to musical duos, Hall and Oates stand out in the annals of musical history, right up there with the Everly Brothers and Simon & Garfunkel. They blend a wide variety of music into their undeniably unique style, and they continue to entertain audiences of their fans across the globe. The powerful pair of Hall and Oates will be at the Borgata Events Center in Atlantic City on October 4th for one wild show.

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Finding Their Place

For those of you who can remember the musical transition between the 1970s and 1980s, you will remember that there was a lot of dispute as to what the new wave of music would be. Disco was dying, rock and roll was surging, while soul and funk had a growing following as well. Hall and Oates struggled in their early years, not quite fitting in with any of their main genre influences. Their sound was a mix of rock ‘n’ roll, rhythm and blues, as well as folk and pop. Different tunes had different styles, so their albums were difficult to market to specific areas or interest demographics. However, the power and creativity of their lyrics and songs eventually grew to a point where they were accepted by all genres.

Their wide range of skills allowed them to be chameleons, fitting into the sound of any genre, and writing songs that captured the essential mood and style that audiences were looking for. The transitional period into the 1980s was a huge career-making time for Hall and Oates, and they racked up six #1 hits in less than 10 years. Their albums became beloved across the country, and with every passing platinum record, they solidified their place in the canon of musical history. They were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2003, and most respected music publications place Hall and Oates somewhere in their Top 100 Greatest Artists of All Time. Here is the iconic duo playing their smash hits, “Kiss on My List” and “Private Eyes” at a concert earlier this year.

The New Wave….Again

Hall and Oates learned a thing or two during their rise to super stardom in the 1980s, including the importance of staying relevant with the younger generations and spreading their popularity over the decades. There is no denying that the music festival circuit has become a powerful tool for musicians, both young and old, to broaden their fan base, and to show that their talents extend past the walls of a sound studio. Hall and Oates has become a high-demand act for music festivals, including the 2013 Outside Lands Music Festival, and the Life is Good Festival, which happened on the weekend of September 21st. They may have taken a bit of a hiatus in the 1990s, but Hall and Oates have found a new niche, and are showing that old dogs can learn new tricks, particularly when their old tricks made them the number 1 selling duo in musical history!

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If you want to take a trip down Memory Lane with one of the most iconic groups of the 1980s, then don’t miss Hall and Oates at the Borgata Events Center in Atlantic City on October 4th at 8pm. Tickets are on sale now, and also, be sure to book a room at one of the many world class Atlantic City Hotels; obviously, The Borgata might be a convenient place to start looking!

Some people might not dig the 80s, but Atlantic City has plenty of exciting shows that weekend, so check out Frank Sinatra Jr. performing at the Borgata Music Box that same night!

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