Chevelle : Live at The House of Blues

Chevelle brings its’ hard-rocking style to the House of Blues this spring, treating music fans in Atlantic City with their unique musical blend of controlled chaos and profound meaning.

Chevelle, with its’ origins in the rich, musical history of Chicago, has been an unclassifiable anomaly of the rock world for more than 15 years. Originally signing with a Christian label, the band went on to collect fans from all genres of Rock ‘n Roll who have found subtle beauty in the group’s meaningful lyrics, as well as enough chest-pounding bass to keep their hearts throbbing to every song.

Chevelle will take the stage at the House of Blues in Atlantic City on May 17th, for another installment of their intensely memorable live shows. The band recently released a greatest hits album titled Stray Arrows: A Collection of Favorites, and their short, international schedule of live shows this year promises to put their name on the list of must-see shows this summer season.

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Back With A Vengeance

This spring and summer, Chevelle is making the rounds following the release of their compilation album to remind fans what they fell in love with in the first place. Although the album is mainly composed of hits from their first six studio albums, there is also an added treat for loyal fans who have been jonesing for some new tracks. The album, which came out in December of last year, offered a bangin’ new tune, “Fizgig”. In typical Chevelle fashion, it is a fascinating mix of power and intention, never letting their jagged sound overshadow the mysterious and insightful lyrics.

On The Shoulders of Giants

In the coming months, Chevelle is taking its’ stunning showmanship across the pond to the UK, up north into the reaches of Canada, and across the US for some scattered appearances. When you get to a certain level in the rock world, everyone wants a piece of your talent, and Chevelle is no exception. The band’s reputation for legendary live shows has brought them quite a bit of attention from some Old Guard rockers who are also touring this summer.

In July, Chevelle will team up with Alice in Chains for three shows in Canada, which has rock fans from multiple generations humming anticipation. Also, in August, The Offspring will feature Chevelle at their show in Billings, Montana. For anyone who says that rock is dead or dying, the lineup of Chevelle’s globe trekking summer shows will show them how wrong they truly are.

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Grab a room at the Showboat Casino, the closest digs to the House of Blues, before the fans of this explosive trio fill up the city. Chevelle will be blending their early classics and their new brilliance on May 17th at 9pm. Buy your tickets early, and don’t miss the opportunity to watch these old souls blow the doors off the joint. If you can’t get enough live music and are sticking around Atlantic City for a while, don’t miss Brian McKnight performing on May 25th!

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