Brian McKnight – On Tour in Atlantic City


After more than 20 years in the business, Brian McKnight is still hitting the high notes, thrilling crowds, and teaching R&B fans how to fall in love. His newest tour brings those soulful sounds back to Atlantic City this May.

One of the biggest challenges of being a star in the music industry is maintaining your spot at the top of the charts. Brian McKnight, a staple of the R&B community for more than two decades, has figured out the secret to long-term success, without changing his style, his sound, or his soul.


On May 25th, Brian McKnight will be performing at Harrah’s Casino and Hotel in Atlantic City, showcasing the sweet sounds of his 15th studio album, “More Than Words”. Be sure to book your hotel in Atlantic City early, because between the music and the shoreline, AC is the place to be this spring. McKnight’s latest album hit the shelves on April 2nd and is hailed as a return to his original style, which he has moved away from in his latest albums. McKnight has been in the spotlight for things other than his music in recent years, and this release marks a solid step back into the industry and the style that he does best.

The new album features tracks like “Sweeter”, which has recently reached #8 on the Urban AC (Adult Contemporary) Radio charts, and “4th of July”, which is a perfect example of McKnight’s ability to write sincere lyrics that everyone can relate to about the changing nature of relationships. Just as he has done his whole career, McKnight has charged his songs with passion, truth, and a whole lot of love.

McKnight vs Timberlake

These two sultry crooners actually have more in common than you think, aside from paying lip service to love and their ability to stir up the butterflies in women all over the world. Brian McKnight’s new album More Than Words was released on the same day as Timberlake’s 20/20 album, which has already rocked the top of the charts.

Timberlake may be a household name and a growing sex symbol, but 12 years ago, he appeared on the track “My Kind of Girl, from McKnight’s 2001 album, Superhero. A year later, McKnight produced and wrote a few tracks on Timberlake’s breakout album, Justified. They may not have the same fan base, but these old friends respect the work and passion in each other’s music, and as McKnight said last month about Timberlake, “…he knows what he’s doing.”

Outside The Studio

McKnight’s talents in the studio are unquestionable, and he has 16 Grammy nominations to prove it, but the artist is also respected for his work outside of the recording studio through his public involvement in other passions.

Following his success as Billy Flynn in Broadway’s Chicago in 2007, McKnight has now signed on for the national tour of Hinton Battle’s play Love Lies, which began last month at the Warner Theater in Washington. The singer/songwriter wanted to dry some straight theatre to add to his Broadway credentials.

When he’s not charming audiences on various kinds of stages, he gets his blood pumping in the boxing ring. After shooting a boxing sequence in one of his recent videos for “Fall 5.0”, the artist was asked about his experience in the ring. He explained that in addition to staying in shape and training, he enjoys working as a corner man and supporting various boxers as a way to step away from the music industry, and be a part of the energy and excitement of another form of entertainment.

Whether he’s dancing in the ring, acting on the Broadway stage, or releasing powerful albums for a whole new generation of fans, McKnight has shown himself to be more than your average artist. If nothing else, he has certainly learned the secret to star power, and how to make it last.

Tickets are on sale now for his show at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City on May 25th.

Don’t miss your chance to see this “legend in progress” doing exactly what he does best.

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