Blue Traveler- On tour in Atlantic City

Blue Traveler is a band formed in Princeton, New Jersey. The band is performing since 1987 and their music is a part of the rock genres, covering a variety of subgenres of the rock genre such as psychedelic rock, folk rock, blue rock and even Southern rock.


With millions of fans of all ages all over the world, the band is famous especially for the spectacular improvisations from their live performances.  Blue Traveler has made a tradition of performing every year at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Independence Day.  They have kept this tradition since 1994, the only exception being 1999. Blue Traveler manages to attract a significant number of Americans every year. The people gather from all around USA to see the band’s live performance on Independence Day.  In 1992 the Blue Traveler initiated the Horizons of Rock Developing Everywhere or The H.O.R.D.E- a festival of festival of rock music. This festival was promoting the bands, helping with the charities from the organizations from the areas close to the location of the festival. The H.O.R.D.E is consider to be the second incarnation of the jam -band music, making the Blue Traveler one of the most respected bands, for being and important piece in the revival of the jam-band music.

The band became popular to the mainstream population after 1994 with the release of the album “four”, which is considered to be the best Blue Traveler’s album, especially for the song “Run-Around” that won the Grammy Award in 1996 for the “Best Rock Performance by a duo or a group”. After the death of Bobby Sheehan, the original bassist of the band, and the obesity problems that John Popper had to face, the band has some serious issues and their popularity decreased, determining the A&A to close the contract with the band. Beginning with 2002 the band went through a period of transition and started releasing independently experimental labels.

Blue Traveler released in 2012 their most recent album entitled “Suzie Cracks the Whip”. Their latest album has received a lot of positive feed-back from the fans and it also has a lot of encouraging reviews all over the internet. “Suzie Cracks the Whip” is a return to the old roots of the band and it seems to be the best album since 2001, bringing new energy to the Blue Traveler’ sound. The album “Suzie Cracks the Whip” was released under the label “429 records” and has been produced by Sam Hollander. The most beloved tracks are “You don’t have to love me” and “I don’t want to go”, the last one featuring Crystal Bowersox.

The band will go on a tour to promote the new album “Suzie Cracks the Whip”. The tour will start in on the 10th of May and end on the 26th of July. The band will also concert in Atlantic City on the 24th of May. The concert will take place at Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City. Blue Traveler is a band that keeps on evolving managing to keep happy the old fans and attract new fans as well, constantly experimenting with the rock genres and its subgenres, bringing something new in the music word. With a career of 25 years and a history of great live performances, Blue Traveler is considered to be a legend and an important part of the jam band scene. You can make  hotel reservations  if you are planning to stay overnight and enjoy the show at the same time with no worries.

The concert begins at 20 PM at Harrah’s Resort venue and the prices begin from 20 $, a small price to pay for such a band, so make sure you don’t miss this awesome band. With such a history and such great and unique live performances, the Blue Traveler always manages to impress the fans by making every concert a unique and memorable live experience. Come join the fans of Blue Traveler for a unique musical experience and witness an amazing live performance by one of the legends of the jam-band music with fans of all ages from all around the country and more.

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